A Greenhouse…on Mars!

The Mars Incubator habitat design has a number of cool features to make a stay on mars bearable. One of my favorites is the greenhouse!

The “Bio-generation” volume will be used to conduct experiments with plant life in the Martian environment. This cell includes 5 view ports to allow sunlight into the habitat, and will have 2 MEP’s (mechanical, electrical, plumbing) units for heating and cooling, as well as a freshwater system independent from the human life support system.

Having plants to tend will be a pleasant diversion for the crew that could result in real scientific development. Additionally, it will help scrub the air, and reduce the isolating affects of the Martian desert environment. The view ports will provide stunning views of the Martian landscape. There is a lot of value in the use of this space because we can achieve scientific results in a crew friendly atmosphere.

To address potential safety concerns, the cell is also fitted with a small hatch to the exterior of the habitat for emergency use only. As with all the secondary volumes, there is reserve oxygen below the deck, making this cell a suitable refuge are in the unlikely event of a rapid depressurization. In fact, it might be one of the most pleasant places in the hab to be stranded for any duration of an emergency!