Now available for pre-order is the Mars Incubator Small Hab Module. This is one module from the model submitted to the NASA Centennial challenge.  This model allows the user to assemble the structure yourself and watch the structure come together before your eyes. The kit includes the ground supports, 12 tiles and 65 connecting clips. Below is a representation of the completed model.

Below is a link to pre-order the model.

The expected delivery date is July 31st.

The cost is $28 with free shipping. The STL flies are also available for purchase for an additional $7 so you can create additional tiles or connectors with a 3D printer.

…Or If you would like to 3D print mars incubator habitat just as the team did, purchase the Solidworks and STL files for use on a 3D printer. The Cost for the Solid-Works file as well as the STL files is $15. The files will be emailed to you within 24 hours after your purchase.

Remember all purchases go to funding the development of this technology. Thank you for you consideration.

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The efforts of our team are only a part formula to bring a human presence to the Martian surface. Without public support and investment, our developments could never take off. We have been fortunate to have the support of a few generous organizations like Sequoia Services, LLC. If you’d like to Join in supporting the efforts of Mars Incubator, fill out the data below!