Welcome to Mars Incubator! This site is dedicated to developing martian habitation technology. Check out our recent submission to the NASA Centennial Challenge below!


Mars Incubator was originally conceptualized by the founder as an independent competition to spark student interest in developing the necessary technology to build life sustaining capsules on Mars. After initial research we found that NASA is already addressing this goal with the Centennial Challenge Program. Thus, the competitive team was formed by the founder to take on NASA’s challenge.

Mars Incubator is a team of engineers and artists formed to compete in the NASA Centennial challenge competitions. More specifically we are looking to develop the technologies and inform the designs that will one day lead humans to a sustainable presence on Mars.

As mechanical engineers, manufacturing new technologies represent a shift in creative potential. Additive manufacturing offers a suite of new design parameters that will enable humans to develop the Martian surface. The team is a collection of peers, co-workers, mentors and friends with a common interest in developing the technology that makes humanity a space-faring species.

Our strategy is to maintain a small, agile team with the appropriate subject matter expert in each of the topics critical to the success of the project. Based on the timescale it’s important to communicate ideas and make decisions quickly and effectively.

Check out design for the Level 1 of the challenge here:

Mars Incubator Hab



“Cheers erupted at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., which operates the spacecraft, when InSight sent back acknowledgment of its safe arrival on Mars. That was the end of a journey of more than six months and 300 million miles.” Coverage here

IAC 2018

Moin from Germany! This year, the IAC (International Astronautical Conference) was held in Bremen, Germany.  Quite a change of scenery from the previous years which were held in sunny Adelaide and Guadalajara. Germany is the home of many conference participants including AirBus, DLR (The German Aerospace Center), and ZARM (a part of the University of …

The Team

Chris Colangelo, PE

Chris is a licensed civil engineer and the President of Sequoia Services, LLC. His company provides solutions for complex heavy construction with expertise in site preparation, groundwater control, structural support, and earth retention. Chris is a visionary business leader, loving husband, and soon to be father. Chris@marsincubator.com

Jason Monnes, ME

Jason is a Material Science Engineer working in the aerospace and defense industry. He carries with him enthusiasm and enough energy to power a Martian habitat! His analytical skills are unparalleled and his field testing experience reinforces his ability to anticipate engineering challenges.  Jason@marsincubator.com

Brian Young, Visual Artist and Animator

Words can’t describe Brian’s conviction to his craft. A true modern artist, mouse clicks and key strokes are his pencil and paper. Not only can he bring visualization to life, but he can generate views previously unseen.  Check out his work at Artstation,   or contact him at YoungerFifth@yahoo.com.

Nicholas McGhee, ME

Nick is a Mechanical Designer with an appetite for exploration. He brings to the team an extensive background in aerospace manufacturing and mechanical design. He has learned the art of composite manufacturing as a lead mechanical engineer, and his work as a systems engineer has provided hands on MEP experience. His passion is a catalyst for creation and he is compelled to drive technology and the human experience. Nick@Marsincubator.com

Pallavi Pandit Patil, ME, HVAC expert, Researcher

Senior planning and designing Mechanical Engineer with expertise in HVAC, Plumbing, Revit, AutoCAD, and certification of Air Master+, awarded for best research paper; Pallavi is a promising Mechanical and Aerospace engineer with high-school background in electronics engineering. Worked for Dept. of Energy (DOE), sustainable and energy efficient system designing (MEP). Inspired by our great astronaut Dr. Kalpana Chawla, Pallavi is passionate about her contribution towards the aerospace industry.

Chris Robinson, Welding Technologist

Chris is a seasoned manufacturer specializing in laser welding and fabrication. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience working with disk, NDYAG, and fiber lasers. As a navy vet having spent months undersea, he brings a unique perspective to the mission requirements. Kit@marsincubator.com

Bianca L. Ruthven, MA Arts Management

Bianca is a Collections Management Associate at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Chatham University and a Master of Arts degree from Carnegie Mellon University, both in Arts Management. Bianca is handling both creative and managerial roles with Mars Inc. media outlets, such as our Facebook group @InhabitMars and Instagram @MarsIncubatorBianca@marsincubator.com